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We haven’t yet reviewed ADT vs. Frontpoint on A Secure Life, but I found a great article comparing the two companies over on SecurityGem. You should take a look: This was a great article and now I feel more lost than ever, lol. I am in the process of purchasing a new home and have been deciding on whether we should get a home security system. We have decided that we will for our own safety and such. Although, now comes the hard part, deciding which company to go with. I have friends that have had good and bad experiences with ADT and ATandT Digital Life. I don’t care for home automation. I would like to have the police notified when the alarm is going off and also be alerted by email/text when this happens, as well as what doors/windows have been opened/closed, possibly arm/disarm through my phone via app. So far, I’m thinking of giving ADT, ATandT and Front Point a call. I hate that they don’t provide information over email.

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Adding additional speakers is easy and comes at a minimal cost. With most products, from your smartphone you can arm and disarm the system, check the event log, monitor your house temperature while you are out, and even stream live video from in home cameras. In short, smart home security systems can be a great option for those looking to maximize opportunities in the home security space while avoiding costly installs and lengthy contracts found with traditional security companies. iSmart Alarm includes motion sensors, cameras and alarms without a monthly contract to the user. Products like these are perfect for those who want to monitor their home while away. In all, smart home technologies not only provide a little bit of flair to your home, they also improve its efficiency. For just a couple hundred dollars, you can begin to transform your dwelling into a home of the future. Tim Savoy can be reached at Timothy. and Jonathan Fox can be reached at Jonathan. There's no arguing the desirability of a professionally installed, whole home security system with around the clock monitoring. There's only one problem: You're probably not eager to pay the monthly service fee, let alone the upfront cost.