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As with any sort of preparations you begin with what you have and what you can and then upgrade once you have the basics that you need. I specifically say the 12 gauge shotgun over any other gauge primarily for commonality of ammunition, pricing, and usability. The 12 gauge has a stout kick to it so I would recommend that if you train your child with this gun that the child is old enough and big enough to handle it. And before you do that you should be very comfortable around the gun yourself so that you can ensure the safest training environment. I purchased a Stevens 12 gauge pump with a synthetic stock and pistol grip for $220, also from Wal Mart. There are other gauges than a 12 that some people will argue to the end is better than another, and they are entitled to their opinion, but that doesn't really help you. The reason I say 12 over any other is because a 12 gauge is easily the most common. Which makes it more affordable; as well as the ammo. Also, in a catastrophic situation that has you searching abandoned houses to survive you are far more likely to find 12 gauge ammo than any other shotgun shells. A 12 gauge holds more pellets than a smaller gauge so there is a greater chance of hitting the target whether it is an intruder or a bird flying away. A 12 gauge slug can take down larger game such as a deer.

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The equipment and the overall system itself are fairly straightforward. You can usually install it yourself in under an hour. Portable system. Traditional security systems are hard wired into your home. But SimpliSafe's equipment is completely wireless and portable if you move. Real time alerts.

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SAFEGUARDTHEWORLD uses only the finest high output XLR lithium batteries and ALASCO's crystal clear transmitters and receivers to ensure uninterrupted power and performance. This allows our devices to communicate without all those messy wires and big bulky back up batteries normally associated with your typical wireless home security systems!Our team is dedicated to creating the best security system reviews and to helping consumers educate themselves before buying a home security system. Before choosing a home security system, we encourage consumers to educate themselves, read expert reviews, and learn how to find the best deal. We’re committed to continuing to champion consumer interest and give credit to the companies that offer exceptional home security services. Here’s what we strive to accomplish: Provide consumers with the most comprehensive home security system reviewsNot all consumers conduct research online prior to buying a home security system, but we know that it’s difficult to find trusted information when searching the web. Our home security experts are committed to solving that problem and put together the most comprehensive security system reviews.