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Together with the information and advice from The Perfect Puppy, Coren's results suggest, however, that dogs that are not highly trainable may not be the best choice for most dog owners. Nor is every highly trainable dog suitable for protection: for example, Standard Poodles 2, although powerful and protective, cannot deter attack by appearance alone. D. Profile of a protective family dog. A trainer/breeder advises:. you are looking for the same thing I want . a dog that is: 1 not a liability not aggressive, not attack trained. 2 a loving and trustworthy member of your family 3 suspicious of strangers, yet willing to accept someone whom you say is okay 4 confident enough in his/her opinions to decide when a stranger is a threat, and to back up that threat with growling and possibly attacking if necessary. 5 willing to do anything to protect his/her beloved family. This type of dog is produced through a combination of breeding and training. Although there are exceptions in every breed, the first step would be to decide on which of the protection breeds you want.

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The control panel comes pre configured, so all you have to do is peel a few adhesive stickers and place equipment around your home. Professional monitoring starts at $35 per month but comes with the benefit of Frontpoint’s “Crash and Smash” protection feature, which alerts security operators if your system goes offline. The only downside: Frontpoint requires a big commitment after its 30 day trial, with a 36 month contract. If within three years, your housing situation or security priorities change, it could cost 80% of your remaining contract to cancel. With completely free self monitoring, the best app experience available, Amazon Alexa and Z Wave integration, and a sleek design — Abode’s $320 DIY home security system is hard to beat. At nearly triple the cost of Frontpoint, it’s basically the Bentley of DIY home security systems, high price tag and all.

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