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No Smash and Crash Alder Security protection. If an intruder smashes the SimpliSafe base station within the grace period before the alarm is set off, then the alarm will not be triggered at all. Instead, Simplisafe provides a keypad separate from the base station. So you can lesson this risk by hiding the base station so the burglar won't find it within the 30 second grace period. If the burglar destroys the keypad, the police will still be alerted. A lot of other security companies do offer smash and crash protection such as Frontpoint.

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The Professional package gives you a 7 inch touch screen control panel the same one used with the LiveWatch Plug and Protect IQ 2. 0 instead of the Simon panel, as well as an indoor camera. It goes for $449 with a three year plan and $694 with a one year plan. The control panel is the brains of the Alder Security system. Our review unit includes the 7 inch full color touch screen and connects to Frontpoint using a cellular connection. The panel measures 6.

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Got caught stealing some items in a home nothing was done to fix it. Moni. Techs. You can trust very well trained and do a great job. Check your Alder Security alarm company out before u hace them installed you might just find something they forgot to tell u. I had moni now for 11years never had a problem. Better home security than I knew even existed!As a new customer, LiveWatch gave me incredible deals my equipment glass break, door open, motion detect, advanced connected thermostat and most importantly smoke detectors. And yet their monthly fees were less than the "came with the house" obsolete home security system which pre dated cell phones. I dumped that firm because one of their service persons messed up our landline service and they wouldn't schedule another service person until weeks into the future. Which brings me to the very best feature of LiveWatch their personnel are the kindest, most patient technology experts I've ever dealt with!That includes computer Doorbell Camera near me "experts", HVAC "service" persons, and everyone's favorite auto "repair" folks. If I ever decided to start my own company I'd first steal their entire HR department.